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Since the beginnings of American anthropology in the 19th century, field ethnographers and ethnologists have remained silent with regards to American Indian medicine powers. To date, there has not been one book written by a professional anthropologist that addresses this subject. That is about to change.

Spirit Talkers by William Lyon

Spirit Talkers by William Lyon

William S. Lyon received his Ph.D. in anthropology in 1970. He has spent the last four decades doing field research with many different American Indian medicine men, with an emphasis on the Lakota culture. In Spirit Talkers: North American Indian Medicine Powers, he ignores the long-standing academic assumption to view medicine powers as simply the superstitious beliefs of primitive people. Not only has he personally witnessed such powers and come to believe in their efficacy, he provides the long-missing ingredient to our acceptance of them–namely, an explanation of how they work.

Armed with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and an ability to understand the findings of modern physics, Lyon gleans from the latest findings in quantum mechanics the basic rules that shamans follow to become successful at what they do. In addition, he includes many historical accounts of their proven abilities that support his findings that real shamans can do what they say they can do.

For the first time ever you will read of the great extent and variation in the medicine powers that were used by the American Indians to achieve success in their daily activities. Virtually no aspect of their lives went untouched by the use of such powers, be it for warfare, hunting, crop growing, material success or healing. In fact, the acquisition of “good luck” in any venture of life was a primary concern to them, and for this reason they readily resorted to the use of medicine powers.

This book will not only forever alter your perception of American Indians, it will also alter your concept of the potential of any human being. It is a long overdue tribute to traditional Native medicine people that is designed to unlock them from our past prejudices.

William Lyon’s book, Spirit Talkers, is available in ebook, pdf and paperback editiions, and can be purchased here.

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  1. You are both perceptive and courageous. Very few people have grasped the concept that we create the world around us with our own thoughts, and even fewer would risk their academic reputations or public image by openly discussing the subject with any degree of seriousness. I commend you on a well written and highly accurate depiction of how we do what we do. I recently published two books on my own training as a bear doctor in northern California when I began to fear the would be no more after me which related many of the same concepts. Thank you for believing in something the world seems determined to see fade out of existence.

  2. I want to thank Dr. Lyon for his book that provides a thorough documentation of various shamanic practices and the shaman’s ability to wield medicine powers. The book provides an insightful and straightforward account of the large variety of forms that medicine powers have taken throughout history. This in itself is an important historical documentation.
    Furthermore, Lyon places this documentation into a contemporary scientific perspective. He shows that current quantum mechanics theory allows for the possibility of shamanic powers. Lyon then uses these findings to give new understanding to the practices shamans have been using in North America.
    By referring to recent scientific research findings and theories, and alining them to shamanic practices, he demonstrates the reality of shamanic knowledge that has survived for millenniums, and continues to exist among the Native American population and shamans worldwide today.
    Since institutions have the power to exterminate, and furthermore have almost managed to destroy, ruin or discriminate the old Native American way of life and mindset, it is important to give both academia and the public access to this book.
    Lyon gives us an insightful summary and detailed description of the resistance he has encountered with academic institutions where prejudices about shamanism still stand strong. The book also gives a clear and interesting example of this in the appendix, written by Timothy White—a critique of A.B. Kehoe’s “Shaman and Religion” book.
    Threats to the protection of cultural heritage are continuously changing. This book is an important contribution that provides information on how to create new narratives and new talks between postcolonial government institutions and traditional Indian descendants.

    Teacher, Oslo, Norway

  3. It is not often that a book can completely change the way we see the World. Spirit Talkers helped me understand what is possible – that what we perceive as ‘reality’ may not be ‘fixed,’ but can indeed be altered. What an incredibly valuable insight for those of us who have been told we have an incurable mystery illness.

    The documented, amazing accounts in Spirit Talkers gave me the courage and information to look beyond my traditional scientific training and understanding to a realm where many things are possible – including healing from any problem.

    So, thank you, again, Dr. Lyon for this valuable, fascinating book.

  4. Hi again Bill. What a great read! I was almost sorry to finish it. It opened up so many directions of thought. Using your references has led me to many more books to read. It’s hard to admit how narrow minded I have been concerning our American Indians. Thank you!
    David Ziegler

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